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僧王督拉惹 銮菩孔
Tok Raja – Luang Phor Khron
B.E.2418 ~ B.E.2505

           พระวิจารณญาณมุนี (ครน ปุณฺณสุวณฺโณ)

             Phra Vicaranayanamuni (Khron Punnasuvanna ) TOK RAJA

Thai Master Monk Luang Por Kron of Kelantan Malaysia – maker of South Thailand’s most expensive amulet; the Pra Pid Ta Nuea pong Kluk Rak Jarn Lek. Luang Por Krons most famous amulet is the Pid Ta Nuea Pong (powder) Kluk Rak. Luang Por began to make the Pra Pid Ta Kluk rak amulets as of 2480 BE. The making method was that of molding each amulet by hand. It is very very rare to find an authentic example of this amulet and can consider than 90 percent of all you will encounter are fake. The first edition was made in 2500 BE and the second edition was made in 2505 BE. This is (arguably) the most expensive amulet of South Thailand in the Niyom Category of Pra Krueang (amulets). The Pid Ta amulet is famous for Metta Mahaniyom power. Luang Por Kron was Abbot of Wat Uttamaram (Bangsek) in Kalantan, Malaysia. He made many Pid Ta amulets which were so very preferred (‘Niyom’).It is said in Thai Amulet circles that, in the same way thet we prefer the Pra Somdej Wat Rakang as a Niyom amulet, so, in Malaysia and even Singapore, the Pra Pid Ta of Luang Por Kron is just as sought after and beloved. It is said that despite the fact that most of the surrounding households in the vicinity of Luang Por Krons temple were Muslim, that he earned their respect and was an honored person.He was not called Luang Por Kron by Malays, as we call him in Thailand, rather, was named ‘Tok Raja’, which means ‘ as equal to the Sangha Raja’ The reason for this comes from a legend that the daughter of a powerful Sultan of Kalantan was cursed with a black magic spell, which caused his mind to become strangely affected, and even doctors and psychologists could not help to cure him, and even the Muslim witch doctors could not break the spell with their magic.But Luang Por Kron was able to heal her, and return her to sanity. This caused LP Kron to recieve great respect from the Sultan who then gave him the honorary name of Tok Raja. His most preferred amulets are Pra Pid Ta Nuea Pong Kluk Rak, and the Rian Roop Dork Jik coin amulet.

Tok Raja of Wat Uttamaram Pasir Mas Kelantan 

Khron Ratchanaren (known as Tok Raja) was born on Thursday December 1, BE2418 (1875). He was sent to Wat Uttamaram by his parents when he was 12 years old to learn Buddhism and Thai language. He stayed with Archan Lok who was the temple Chief Abbot at that time.

Tok had showed great interest in Buddhism and became a “Dek Jom” under the supervision of Bhikkhu (monks) in the temple. Besides, he also learned crafting and construction. He once told the devotees that even from an early age, he cherished the ambition of joining the monk hood and stay in the temple to learn Buddhism unlike his other kampung (village) boys of the same age who more preferred to stay in their homes in the kampung.

Ordination (Upasombot)

Tok joined monk hood (Bhikkhu) on Jun 15, 2438 (1895) when he was 21 years old. The ordination took place at Wat Uttamaram and was ordained by the following monks:

1) Phra Upatcha Palad Chai from Wat Mai Suwankhiri 2) Phra Khru Ophart Phuthakhun from Wat Chon Prachumthart and 3) Phra Athikarn Phut from Wat Bangtakwa Silaloi who became Kammavacanusavanacarn Tok was then given a Buddhist name known as Punnaksuwanno.

Seeking knowledge

After becoming a monk, Tok stayed at Wat Uttamatam for two phansa after that Tok traveled to Southern Thailand to learn Pali language and at that time is known as the big book. Tok was resided at Wat huaphom Nai in Songkhla and learn Buddhism in greater depth. He also learned “Phrakhatha vertmon” which consist of “Khamphi Mulkachai” and “Khamphi Thammadboth” in Wat Huaporm Nai as well as Vipassana Kammatharn technique in Songkhla for 15 years. In the year 2449 BE, Tok was appointed Chief Abbot of the Wat for 10 years. Due to the fact that Tok needs to be back to Malaya, he stepped down as Chief Abbot of Wat Huaporm Nai. Once back from Thailand, he became the Chief Abbot of Wat Mai Suwankhiri for 6 years before been transferred back to Wat Uttamaram and became the Chief Abbot of the Wat in year 2468 BE. He taught Vippassana meditation and ubasok ubasika Buddhaborisat to the kampung folks Buddhist fundamentals as well as Vertmon Katha to his pupils.

Tok’s role in the deployment of Dharma knowledge and spreading of Buddha’s teachings 

When Tok came back from Songkhla Thailand, he stressed a lot on knowledge skill. He worked very hard in order to expand the knowledge skills to devotees in Kelantan but did not meet his expectation since the Society at that time did not realise the importance of education and as such, was unable to achieve his mission to the fullness. In early year of BE2491 (1948), Thai Buddhism has spread out of the country especially to the neighboring country like Malaya. Malaysia was formerly known as Malaya. In that year, the first Naktham school was established in the Kedah state of Malaya. Tok has waited for the opportunity to open up such school for long time and has establish the same Naktham school in the year BE2492 and the first school was established in Wat Uttamaram Bangsek itself. It was a resounding success in establishing these schools and Tok later handed over the management of the school to Phra Maha Chan Kesaro who possessed “Parian Tham 6 Prakyok” as a teacher master. Even though there was a shortage in teaching resources, there was a huge demand from monks all over Kelantan to study at Wat Uttamaram to seek knowledge and learn Naktham where the expenses incurred were manageable. It was not easy to go to Wat Uttamaram at that time where it took hours to reach by walking through the jungle. Such obstacles did not prevent these pupil monks from reaching the Wat and in the same year as it was established, the first Naktham examination was held at Wat Uttamaram in Kelantan.

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