僧王督拉惹 銮菩孔
Tok Raja – Luang Phor Khron
B.E.2419 ~ B.E.2505

The late Tok Raja is one of the famous Thai Chief Abbots of Kelantan state of Malaysia, followed by another famous Than Chau Khoon known as Ah Kong. Every year during the Kathina celebration, their temple, Wat Uttamaram, Kg. Teresek, Pasir Mas in Kelantan are swarmed with devotees from all over Malaysia,Vietnam,Hong Kong,China, Singapore and the Southern part of Thailand. The current Chief Abbot of this temple is Phrakhru Udomdhamma Patibhano. Wat Uttamaram is one of the oldest and prettiest Thai temples in Kelantan. It is colorful, has fanciful flame-like upturned roof ridges, and an orange and green multi-tiered roof. Large dragons entwine the verandah columns. The temple is definitely a magnificent piece of building that is worth a visit besides viewing or renting of amulets or images.

Phra Khru Udomdhammapatibhano

Current Chief Abbot of Wat Uttamaram

 Main Features of the Temple

This is the main temple hall with its ornate roofline and strange creature statues guarding the entrance. The Chief Monk’s Residence, where Tok Raja lived, is behind.

WAT UTTAMARAM วัดอุตตมาราม 

 (GPS: 6.02182, 102.08718), known locally as Wat Bangsek, is a major Thai Buddhist temple in Kelantan. It is located in Kampung Teresek, in Repek, in the district of Jajahan Pasir Mas Although there are many Thai Buddhist temples in Kelantan, the majority are concentrated in Jajahan Tumpat Wat Uttamaram is one of the few major ones located outside of Tumpat.

Wat Uttamaram was established by Buddhist abbot Chau Khun  Phra Vicaranayanamuni Chau Khun Khron, also called Luangpu Khron Ratchanaren, and known locally as Tok Raja (“Ratcha” is the Thai transcription for “Raja”). Born in 1876, he established the temple in 1925. Tok Raja served as the Chief Abbot of Kelantan. It was not the only temple he established, for he also established Wat Uttamayanmuni in Choa Chu Kang, Singapore, 1n 1962.

Within the sprawling compound of Wat Uttamaram are numerous buildings and structures. In addition to the ordination hall, pavilion and bell tower, as well as many stupas, there is also a crematorium, quarters for monks and nuns, kitchen, dining hall, a football field, a futsal court and even a Thai language school.

The entrance gate to the temple compound.

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Getting to Wat Uttamaram

Take Federal Route 3 out of Kota Bharu. At GPS 6.015797, 102.103560, turn right. At the next junction (GPS: 6.017193, 102.099742), turn right again, and at the next junction (GPS: 6.025928, 102.096033), turn left. After a distance of 1 km, you will arrive at the entrance to Wat Uttamaram on your left. Opening hours is from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm.


Heart Mantra of Tok Raja (คาถาพ่อท่านครน)

Namo Tassa Bhavato Arahato Samma Sam Bud Tassa ( 3 x Times)

นะโม ตัสสะ ภะคะวะโต อะระหะโต สัมมาสัมพุท ธัสสะ ( สวด ๓ ครั้ง)

Namo Bodhi Sato Punnak Suwanno Pasittimay 

( 3 x Times)

นะโม โพธิสัตโต ปุณณสุวัณโณ ปาสิท ทิเม ฯ   
( สวด ๓ ครั้ง)

( You can repeat 3, 9 or as many time as you like)

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