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   Wai worship, there are many things such as worship, worship, music, worship, astrology. Traditional Thai medicine, etc., each of which will have different details, but generally speaking of Wai worship, we often refer to. Wai worship in various educational institutions. Most of them are done during the open period. Wai Khru is an ancient tradition. It is a ritual that honors and recognizes the grace of the teacher.Teachers of Knowledge. We can be professional. In the future, the ceremony will be held on Thursday. It is considered that God is a god that promotes science and ingenuity. This is the qualification of the teacher. This is a day of worship. For the prosperity

Teachers of Discipleship

1. Introduce training to be good.

2. Teach you to understand clearly.

3. Teaching the Renaissance completely.

4. Promote goodness, ability to appear.

5. Create a safe in the training is to train to be able to use the living. And know how to maintain oneself. I will continue to live well and as a disciple.


Greetings to the teacher.

1. Rite of Honor

2. Go to the nurses to consult, ask questions, get advice, etc.

3. Listen to a good listener to listen to wisdom. 4. Serve the service.

5. Study the Renaissance by respecting earnest It is important.

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