B.I.A English Society

Brief History of Establishment of BI A

 BI A group is officially established in 2010 by PhraKhruUdomdhammaPathibanno (PhorThan Boon). The main goal of the establishment of the group by Phor Than Boon is to encourage Buddhist students especially Siamese from all over Kelantan and Chinese from Tanah Merah&Pasir Mas district to excel in English Language in SPM level. As English language is a very important language nowadays. Indirectly, PhorThan Boon’s intention is to make BI A as a medium to gather all the Buddhist students from all over Kelantan which further their studies in local and overseas universities under one Organization – Uttamaram English Society (UES). Furthermore, there are a lot of challenges that will face by the students once they step in the society. Whereby, the alumni can share their experiences, stories and opinions with the members. This can lead students to challenge themselves in upgrading their English besides mentally preparing for the members always remembering Triple Gems and their origin whenever they are.

From year 2010 till 2017, there are 7 batches of BI A whereby consist of about 200 members. From year 2010, we have annual gathering which to gather all batches in one occasion in temples around Tanah Merah&Pasir Mas district. There are many activities had been done annually by the UES in WatUttamaram.Our Annual Gathering will include Puja (Paying Homage to Triple Gems), Food Offering to Bhikkus (Tak Bart), Samadhi, Dhamma talks, gathering, meeting with Phor Than Boon, charity works around temple compound, etc. As PhorThan Boon always remind, Venerable hopes that, BI A will continues from generation to generation.

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