Keeping the precepts

Keeping the precepts

       “Precepts” mean “normal” is something or rule that people must be cautious of sex and status. The five precepts, the 8 precepts, the 10 precepts and the 227 precepts, and the single precepts, are also divided into ordinary levels, precepts, precepts (middle precepts), and concubine (high precepts, precepts, precepts).

The word “man” is a person with a good heart. The moral of a human being is to keep forever. It is a precept. 5 people who have no precepts. 5 is not called a human. It may be called “people”, which means “busy” in the time of the Buddha, people often have the 5 precepts as a precept 5, so it is normal for people in those days. And as a “humanitarian” part of the humane 10th normal. (Including 5 precepts). What details will not be discussed here?

Keeping the precepts is a persistent effort to restrain physical and verbal punishment. It’s just a crude excuse not to be aggravated. And it is a higher merit than the food. In the past with each other. It also has a lot and little difference in order.

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