Phar Yant Khan Barn

” Phar Yant Khan Barn ”
Featuring the “Phar Yant Khan Barn” ( Yant from from the robes to protect the owner’s resident / house ). These yants were made by Phor Than Daeng,the late abbot of Wat Phikulthong, Terbak, Tumpat. Kelantan. These yants were made in early 80’s. I’m lucky enough to inherited these superb phar yant from my mum, as my beloved mum was quite closed to Phor Than Daeng, my mum said, Than Daeng gave her these phar yant personally. These yants were a superb tool to be used to protect the owner house / premise. This yant can be hung on the top of the main door and back door frames. According to Phor Than Daeng, For the better result and effect, this yant should be hung at 4 corners / directions of the house. He said, when this phar yant were hung. Its will protect our house from fire and break in. He added that, “whenever you wanna to move out from your house, the first thing that you have to remove and bring together to your new house is this phar yant ” The faded temple stamp code on each phar yant.

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