Phra Kreung & Kreung Klang

Phra Vicaranayanamuni พ่อท่าน มิตร สีลคุโณ (Than Mith)

01. – Mai Kru Mai Janrak  Mai Kru Mai Payom ( imported from Indonesia ) by late Chao Khun Mit was made and consecrated in BE 2542 ( 1999 ). This batch of Mai Kru Mai Payom consist of 2 versions; i. 1st version is made of mai payom top and bottom ii. 2nd version is made of 108 wanj head and bottom. These tongkat can be considered as the Mai Kru Roon Nen by late Chao Khun Mit. According to his close Looksit and Look Yom, Chau Khun Mit took at least 3 years to complete these tongkats. His Look Yom added that this mai kru were made in not more than 99 pieces for the wanj head and bottom type and 199 pieces for the payom wood head and bottom. I still remember once Chao Khun Mit emphasized on the yants inscribed and inserted in his custom made tongkat. He said that, the real Than Kong’s tongkat is complicated and the power of his tongkat is beyond our expectation. Nobody knows the real yantra used by Than Kong to create his sacred tongkat. 7 colours of kradat wau and aluminium foil are all we knew. The sacred written yants ? Lain within the tongkat and remain unsolved ! Chao Khun Mit added that, Than Kong only revealed SOME of his REAL tongkat YANTS. The revealed yant are SCATTERED and SEPARETED into several versions. Chao Khun Mit said that, he made 100 pieces of his version tongkat. None of the tongkat made were SUIT to the mai kru by Than Kong. Chao Khun Mit revealed further that, he had inscribed the differ yants to be inserted into the differ tongkats. In order to know the real yantra in Than Kong’s tongkat you have to own at least 20 pieces of his tongkat, disassembled and recombine them into one, then you wil have at least 30 % – 40% of similarity to Than Kong’s Mai Kru. He smiled and went off upstair b4 coming down with this mai kru in his hand. The above features mai kru is my favourite Chao Khun Mit’s Mai kru with Wanj Head and Bottom wrap in late Chao Khun Chan’s Chivorn – robes. Out of 6 pieces, this is my favourite and the only one embedded with superb supernatural energy. This mai kru only can be activated ONLY with the original Mai Kru Khata from Bangsek – Than Kong Mai Kru’s khata. Chao Khun Mit didn’t reveal any of the specific khata to evoke his mai kru for 108 purposes, perhaps he knows that late Mor Keaw already taught me. The mai kru khata ( incomplete ) are as below; i. Khata to evoke the power; ” Om Mai Kru Phrom Ma …….. Om Nak Mor Phut Thak Yak” ( incomplete khatas ! ) ii. Khata to PERASAP KMENYAN – top; ” Pak Jak Kay……….. Mak Hik Thit …………..” ( incomplete khatas ! ) iii. Khata to PERASAP KMENYAN – bottom; ” Hak Kar Hik………. . Hik Tay………………” ( incomplete khatas ! ) The feature pic on the left is the is 2nd piece mai kru with broken top / head of late Chao Khun Mit Mai Kru. The top / head was broken into pieces after I accidentally dropped it on the floor 2 years back. Chao Khun Mit added that the 108 wanj used to make this top and bottom is the same wanj used to make his 139 Pidta.
02. – Pidnar Bhaghawan 5″ Bucha The feature photo is the super duper VVIP batch and VVHTF Phra Pidnar Bhagawan by late Chao Khun Mit. This 100% custom hand made 5 inches lap and heights bucha was made in BE 2542. The wanj — sacred herbs and other sacred wanj such as; 1) Phong Kao Kae (old powder) of Luang Phor Khron sacred powder of Phong Patamang, Phong Iktik Jea and Phong Maha Raj ) 2) Remaining soil collected from Phor Than Kong cremation area. ( strictly prohibited, only can be approached by the committee or the closest relative ) 3) Phor Than Kong cremation ashes ( Taken from cremation site ) 4) Wanj Roi Peth ( 108 type of herbs ) 5) The soil taken from mosquito build / nest ( built under water ) 6) The soil taken from termite build ( built onto Buddha statue’s lap / ear ) Those sacred materials were also used to create his small silver base pidta and mai kru. According to late Chao Khun Mit, this bucha was made only 19 pieces / buchas. This Phra Pidnar Bhagawan was made for his close looksit and kammakan that helped him to complete the creation of his BE 2542 ( 1999 ) amulets series, such as; – 500 pieces of Silver base Pidnar Bhagawan – 99 pieces of Mai Kru with wanj top and bottom. – 199 pieces of Mai Kru with mai rak top and bottom. – 1000 pieces of Chao Khun Khron 05 mould. – 500 pieces of Takrut Khongkhrapan Chatri. – 300 pieces of Than Mit self portrait – locket. – 300 pieces of Chao Khun Chan self portrait – locket. – 300 pieces of Chao Khun Khron self portrait. – 19 buchas of 5″ inches Phra Pidnar Bhagawan
03. – Pidnar Bhagawan 139 These Pidnar Bhagawan 139 was made in BE2542 (1999). These pidnar bhagawan were made in limited number and only 500 pieces were made. Among Kelantanese, we called and named this pidnar as Pidnar Bhagawan 139 in conjunction with the RM139 temple renting price upon releasing to the devotees and commemorating the date of first gathering materials and official making in BE 2539 ( 1996 ) before officially completing all the processes in BE 2542 ( 1999 ). There is the only batch and there is no REDO batch of this Pidnar Bhagawan 139. Some irresponsible parties claimed that there was a REDO batch of this Pidnar 139 because there are 2 version of it; lacquered with Janrak and without janrak lacquered. They spread the false claim that the one without Janrak lacquered is the REDO batch ! Bear in mind that, most of this Pidnar Bhagawan 139 were lacquered with Janrak lacquer and only some of it were without lacquered at all. This Pidnar Bhagawan bearing with 32* code ( Acrylic casing ) is very unique and VHTF this is because this 32* pidnar was not lacquered with janrak lacquer and all you can see is the real exact wanj ( material ) used by late Chao Khun Mit to create this superb pidnar bhagawan whereas the Pidnar Bhagawan 139 bearing with 31* code ( without Acrylic casing ) was lacquered with tick janrak lacquer. The feature Pidnar Bhagawan 139 code 31* is the pidnar with the Janrak lacquered. According to Chao Khun Mit, MOST of the Pidnar Bhagawan 139 were lacquered with janrak in order to protect the wanj / herbs. Some of the lacquering ( coating ) were made because the wanj / herbs used were not in superb condition with some floss here and there. Chao Khun Mit added that the actual number of this pidnar is less than 500 pieces . This is because there were certain series number that been omitted and not printed on the silver base. The omitted numbers are the INAUSPICIOUS NUMERICAL numbers according to Thai Numerology. The real quantity of with and without lacquered janrak are uncertain but Chao Khun Mit added that the Pidnar Bhagawan 139 without lacquered are less than 100 pcs.
 04. – Pharyant Metta Maha Niyom Maha Pokasap The feature pharyant was hand written personally by late Chao Khun Mit in year 1993 ( BE 2536 ) by using the left over white cloth used by late Chao Khun Chan and Phor Than Kong during the Wai Kroo, Phutapisek or Tarjai Luk Seur offering. This white cloth was used as a “MAT” a.k.a “COVER” the white pillow or Mengkuang woven mat during the Wai Kroo / Withi ceremonies. Simple Wai Kroo Offering on top of the white cloth that covered the mat and pillow Tarjai “Luk Seur” Offering on the white cloth According to late Chao Khun Mit, this pharyant was made only 7 pieces ( The dimension of 29cm X 21cm ). The original purpose of creating this pharyant is to help the close devotee from Singapore who’re facing problem in business and collecting his debt. Late Chao Khun Mit created 2 pieces for this Singaporean man – 1 to be framed and hung in his premises and the other 1 to be carried around. After experiencing the superb effect and feedback from the Singaporean man, Chao Khun Mit decided to make more this type of pharyant. All together 7 pieces were made by late Chau Khun Mit and only given out to his close devotees.

05. – Chau Khun Khron Rian Kao This Than Kong Rian Kao commemorative coin/ medal by late Chao Khun Mit was made and consecrated in BE 2516 / 17/ 18 (1972- 1974). It was made by Chao Khun Mit and co-blessed by both Chao Khun Chan – Chao Khun Mit ( Phor Than Mit at that time). Chao Khun Mit said that this rian was made in 3000 pcs and were divided evenly with late Chao Khun Chan – 1500 pcs each. 1500 pcs were then kept by Chao Khun Mit. Years after that Chao Khun Mit brought this Rian Kao to Singapore and some were kept in Wat Peyaram, Tangkak. Before releasing to the devotees, Chao Khun Mit had re-blessed it personally for at least 3-PHANSA. That is why the date of releasing this rian to public is uncertain – BE1516/17/18. This is because during those 3 years some of this rian were distributed by Chao Khun Chan whereas the rest of 1500 pcs where only distributed by Chao Khun Mit after BE2518. This Than Kong Rian Kao getting its popularity and the renting price for this rian is fast raising and hitting a steep climbing. In Kelantan per se, if you ask any amulet dealers / brokers you are extremely lucky if you are charge an amount of below RM450 for a piece of this Rian Kao by Chao Khun Mit-Chao Khun Chan. Most of the dealer will at least offer you RM750 and above for the perfect piece of this Rian Kao. This Rian Kao is sought after by Bangsek’s Phra Kreung & Kreung Lang diehard as a substitution of the BE 2488 and BE2502 batches. The BE2488 batch is the very 1st official rian by late Chao Khun Khron made as a commemorative medal in conjunction with the Chao Kannak Yai Rak Kelantan – title as a Chao Khun by late DYMM Sultan Ibrahim ibni Almarhum Sultan Muhammad IV on 10 April BE 2488. The BE 2488 Rian Kao – WITHOUT the EXCESS METAL on the LEFT CHEEK and JAW ! The BE 2502 Rian Kao – with excess metal on the left cheek and jaw is the 2nd batch. Comparison of the BE2488 and BE2502 batch of Rian Kao. adapted & adopted from Friend of mine used to share a great story on this Chao Khun Mit-Chao Khun Chan BE 2516 / 17 / 18 Rian Kao. Working in Singapore but residing in Johor. My friend has to travel daily to Singapore for his job. His taking his same route for almost 5 years. In 2012, he’s involved in FATAL accident that nearly killed him. His motorcycle collided head to head with the oncoming car and his machine was pinned under the collided car before thrown off from his machine and being knocked by another bike from the opposite lane. He only suffered with a minor cut and bruise. He said this Rian Kao by Chao Khun Mit – Chao Khun Chan have had saved his life !

06. – Chau Khun Khron Taorit Wanj This  Than Kong Taorit Wanj was made and consecrated by Chao Khun Mit and co-blessed by Chao Khun Chan in BE 2511 (1968 / 1969). This batch of taorit wanj was rare and was made in limited numbers, distributed only among Than Kong close looksiks and devotees. This taorit was ONE of the great creation of SAM CHAO KHUN because it was made by using the combination of various auspicious and sacred materials by SAM YAMUNEEs – by 3 Chao Khun. The material used are; 108 wanj gathered by Chao Khun Chan and Than Mit, the leftover wanj by late Than Kong, Than Kong’s shaved hair, Phong ( ashes that made into powder ) from Than Kong cremation site, holy water from Than Kong namboon jar and left over resin made by Than Kong for his Pidnar Bhagawan. The feature photo is the back view of Than Kong taorit with late Chao Khun Chan’s Civorn. Close-up of Than Kong’s hair and sacred materials ( as mentioned above ) stuffed on the base and Than Kong’s crossed legs.

07. – Chau Khun Khron Taorit 05 This HTF Than Kong Taorit 05 was made and consecrated by Chao Khun Mit BE 2542 ( 1999 ). This batch of taorit was was made only 1000 pieces. This taorit was made by using sacred yants and left over metal and yant sheets by the late 2 YAMUNEEs – by 2 Chao Khun. This Than Kong Taolit was made using the same mould / block used by Than Kong in making his BE2505 taolit. Nowadays, this HTF taolit is sought after as the LAST GREAT CREATION of 05 Bangsek’s Taolit series by Bangsek’s Chao Khun Lineages – SAM YAMUNEEs ( SAM CHAO KHUN ). After this 05 batch of creation in BE 2541/2542 the rest of the 05 Taolit series was made by present Wat Uttamaram abbot – Than Boon.

08. – Mai Kru Pakka Mai Kru Pakka was made around BE2518 ( 1975 ) for his SUPERIOR devotees. This batch of Mai Kru Pakka was made in limited numbers. Most of the pakka owned by his Close Superior devotees who works as / hold a higher rank / post in organisation including armies and police officers. This batch of pakka possess a superb power of MAHA AMNAJ, KHLEW KHAD and ANTARAI PLOD PAI .


09. – Thid Sermorn Khad Eow This batch of special waist takrut was made for his close disciples and only a few were made. Chao Khun Mit personally hand inscribed these 5 pieces takrut according to late Than Kong 12 / 14 pieces takrut which were made mostly for his phor mor looksit. This 5 pieces takrut are the combination of the MAHA AMNAJ, KHLEW KHAD, ANTARAI PLOD PAI, KHONGKRAPAN CATRI and METTA MAHASANEH MAHANIYOM.




10. – Takrut Khongkhraparn Cahtri Takrut Maha Ud & Khongkhraparn Cahtri by late Chao Khun Mit in BE2541 / 42 and was released to the devotees in BE2542. This takruts were blessed at the same grand Phutapisek in BE2542 amulets series. 5 pieces of the Khongkrapan takrut. i.

Khata for this Khongkrapan Takrut; ” Om ……. Haiy Khongprapan Tik. …… ( incomplete khatas ! )

11. – Phra Pidnar Mahalarp Phra Pidta Mahalarp with KRING – with a rattling sound while shaking. This Pidta mahalarp was factory base made, this pidta was MADE by ORDER by CK Mit in early BE2543 ( 2000 ). This Factory Custom Mould was made by late Chao Khun Mit request. The design was approved and the production processes was followed closely by his Kammakan on behalf of CK Mit. Although it’s from factory base pidta, it’s highly sought after nowadays as the VHTF Chao Khun Mit’s 139 Pidnar Bhagawan is hard to obtain.


Than Chau Khun Mith

Than Chau Khun Mith (front)

Than Chau Khun mith2

Than Chau Khun mith (back)

12. – Self -Potrait Locket This self-Potrait locket was made and properly blessed by late Chao Khun Mit in BE 2542 (1999) together with Than Kong and Than Chan self-portrait. This locket getting its popularity among Bangsek’s amulets collectors and the price is steep and keep on climbing. In BE2542 this locket was opened for thamboon only at RM39 but nowadays the renting price is beyond our expectation ! The only reason for steep climbing of the renting price is GORENG a.k.a FRYING — PROPAGANDA ! Hahahahaha, non other than because of Dollars and Cents ! The irresponsible and naïve dealer giving a false claimed by tossing up the story. They claimed that, this locket was added / stuffed with Than Kong & Than Chan bone ashes and the remaining / left over of Than Kong’s Chan Mark ( chewed betel leaves ). Late Chao Khun Mit had once enlightened me on this, Chao Khun Mit said………… ” This is my self-portrait locket and this is not Than Kong and Than Chan’s locket. What do u expect to be inserted inside the locket ?” Friend of mine used to ask me, where do I get such a vast information regarding Chao Khun Mit Phra Kreung & Kreung Lang ? When did I meet late Chao khun Mit ? Hahahahaha, what a KILLING questions again !! FYI, it’s neither a POPPYCOCK article, a FOLKORE post, nor a COMICAL sharing. I have gathered the PRIMARY sources / information on Chao Khun Mit’s stuffs for years, during his life time we have met several times at My Grandpa a.k.a Phor Mor Keaw’s Samnak & Wat Batu 3. Those times, late Chao khun Mit had frequently visited Phor Mor Keaw when he came back from Wat Uttayammuni, Singapore. Why do late Chao Khun Mit visited and sometimes put a night there ? Let’s it remains unsolved and only Mor Keaw and Than Mit know bout it. We used to have a great conversation when we met at Phor Mor Keaw’s Samnak and later Mor Keaw used to share the superb stories on the miracle stories told by late Chao Khun Mit to him before reaching Parinibanna in 1999. The SECONDARY sources was gathered from late Chao Khun Mit Looksik and Look Yom who followed and stayed with him for almost 20 years. These Looksik & Look Yom have enlighten me on some of the information shared including the real story behind the Rian Kao BE 2516-18 medal and Phra Pidnar Bhagawan 139.



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