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The name Kampung Teresek is believed to have originated in Thai “BangSek” means the swamp area in the river kuala which is grown on the terrace tree (pokok jenerih). This swampy area was previously in front of the entrance to Wat Uttamaram. This area is planted with terrace trees. This forest area has been cleared for the construction of the main road entrance to Wat Uttamaram.

The Teresek village is believed to exist about 300 years ago. The original site is around Lubok Jong. The scattered Siamese population was scattered and did not accumulate causing difficulty in carrying out agricultural economic activities and affecting religious ceremonies, cultures and customs. This caused Siamese villagers in the area to move to Kampung Teresek now.

Kampung Teresek is located in the Mukim of Repek, Pasir Mas District, Rantau Panjang Parliamentary and Bukit Tuku State Assembly.

Kampung Teresek now has 90 houses and 300 Siamese villagers: strategically located, about 10 km from Pasir Mas Town and 1 km from Repek town. It has a good network of connections with other areas, located at the Lubok Jong river, easily accessible via Pasir Mas main road to Rantau Panjang and Lubuk Jong main road to Tanjung Pohon. The village is equipped with basic facilities such as electricity, water, telephone and school facilities, namely Sekolah Kebangsaan Sri Kiambang and Tiang Chandi Secondary School which is about 0.5 km away, as well as police lodge and Repek Health Clinic about 1 km from this village.

The complement to this village is Wat Uttamaram which existed about 250 years ago. The Wat is the pulse of the existence of the Siamese social community that is still strong with the belief in Buddhism, the values ​​of tradition, noble and pure. Wat Uttamaram played an important role in the Siamese community in Teresek village in form;

  • Religious center centers, religious ceremonies and festivals related to beliefs and customs.
  • The metal education and learning center of the Mother Tongue (Thai). There are Thai, Dhamma and Siamese classes.
  • Recreational center and cultural show. In this hall there are assembly halls, lodges, performances and fields

The main economic activity of the villagers is in agriculture. The main agricultural fields are paddy farmers, vegetables, breeders and rubber tappers. In addition there are 4 retail outlets to meet the needs of the villagers.

In the area of ​​culture and art, in this village there is Kelantan Arts Art Group. This group contains a long swordsman and a traditional Siamese dance team.

In conclusion, Teresek Village can be viable and will emerge as a leading and prominent Siam Homestay Homestay in Kelantan. On the side of the spirit of unity and the vigor of the villagers, the success depends on the cooperation of the Kelantan Tourism Action Council, Tourism Malaysia Kelantan and the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia.

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